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Tired of working out at large, commercial gyms?

If you’re looking to join a gym that unique and offers a more VIP feel, then Body by Petra 24/7 Gym is for you.


Our clean, private gym offers all of the following:


●     24/7 exclusive key fob access

●     A happy environment that is not overcrowded

●     A private gym experience where you can enjoy your workout and relax both your body and mind

●     Music videos all day, with the option for members to choose their own music during their workout

●     State-of-the-art equipment for all fitness levels

●     NordicTrack cardio equipment complete with virtual coaches and classes

We already face enough stress in our everyday lives, and I aim to ensure that your gym experience is a relaxing one. By joining Body by Petra 24/7 Gym, you can say goodbye to waiting for a parking spot, checking in at the front desk, and waiting for equipment. You can simply use your key fob to gain access to the gym and enjoy your workout--no time wasted!

This unique concept was designed by the founder and IFBB Pro, Petra Mertl, based on her 20 years of experience traveling and visiting gyms all across the globe. This concept is rooted in the design of a European gym, where members can have 24/7 access and the ability to work out whenever it is convenient for them.

Body by Petra 24/7 Gym also offers 2,000 square feet of over 30 pieces of equipment including state-of-the-art strength training equipment, free weights, and world-class cardio equipment all in a clean, modern space.


Our goal is to ensure your workout is as enjoyable as possible. Science has proven that activities that connect both our body and mind have the best results when it comes to improving our overall health. Our gym is designed for you to get the best workout in the least amount of time.


Just 45-60 minutes of weight training is all you need to see results. Every new members will receive 3 free personal training sessions to start with. This ensures all members know how to properly use the equipment and can help them learn what intensity of workout best suits them.

Body by Petra 24/7 Gym specializes in:


●     Personal training

●     Body transformation

●     Weight loss

●     Contest prep

●     Nutritional counseling

●     Plant-based nutrition

●     Regenerative detoxification


Petra Mertl has earned the title of Best Personal Trainer in South Florida 2004, and the year after, she was awarded for her outstanding achievement and excellence in personal training. She has created Body by Petra to help others on their journey to healing and living a happier, healthier life. Her team of fitness professionals work with clients to achieve their fitness and health goals. Petra’s approach to personal training is holistic, including life coaching, nutrition guidance, and a focus on loving and caring for your body.

At Body by Petra 24/7Gym, we are passionate about your health and understanding of your challenges.

We are committed to empowering you and helping your reach your goals!

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