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Kim Wagner

Certified ACE Personal Trainer

So my story of health and fitness as a personal trainer might be a little different than most. For me, this has been a series of small changes that have progressed and become a new way of life as well as a passion for helping others feel better and live happy healthier lives. I was not always health-conscious. It took some time however I realized health was not just about the way I look but more about how I feel. I’ve also learned how to import what I choose to feed my body and mind with has an enormous impact on the outcome of my efforts to become a better version of my self. I enjoy working with others to help them realize that little tweaks in everyday life can make a great difference in the health of our lives as a whole. With changes in our food choices some good physical active with consistency we can get to feeling wonderful and Have a new outlook on health and fitness. I can speak from experience on this because when I meet my fiancé he was over 410 pounds. I encouraged him to make small changes in his diet at first and a couple of days at the gym. With a few changes he was 30lbs down in about 3 months. Then added a few more changes to the diet with a little more physical activity and he lost another 10lbs in another 2 months we ate fairly healthy but decided to take things to the next level by going plant-based. 140lbs later I’m a firm believer that anyone can get results!! This journey has been such an experience of learning and continuing to educate and push through with what I once thought was impossible. He and I have been whole plant-based food for two years now. I feel better than I ever have and maintain a healthy lifestyle. He has maintained his weight loss and has grown so much. I truly enjoy this way of life and have a great passion for it as well. It’s changed my life and I will be seen it change the lives of others. I want to share this and help you reach your goals!!! These changes take time and yes effort but with the help of others, it’s possible!

George Savvidis

Florida Golden Glove Champion in Boxing

My name is George Savvidis and I would appreciate the opportunity to tell you a bit about myself. I was born and raised in Greece and have been fighting in one form or another pretty much my whole life! It started with wrestling when I was younger and then my interest switched to kickboxing, in which I excelled; winning Nationals 4 years in a row. After these accomplishments I wanted to challenge myself and try something different. I tried boxing and quickly found I had a passion for it. After winning the Nationals 3 times in that sport as well my family and I moved to the United States in 2017 where I continued my interest in boxing and quickly proved myself by winning the Florida Golden Gloves in July 2018.


Since then I have decided to share my passion and knowledge of the great sports that I have been fortunate enough to take part in with others (and also help others attain their goals through a marriage of physical activity and nutritional guidance).

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